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Java Threading and Concurrency (12)

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lock.lock v/s synchronized

The thread calling synchronzed(obj) acquires and owns that objects monitor till it releases it. Does lock.lock also behaves in a similar fa…

Started by Pallav Shyam

2 Apr 12, 2012
Reply by Pallav Shyam

notify vs notifyall   Attached is a file containing a simple producer consumer scenario that I wrote. Changing queue.notifyAll() to queue.notify()…

Started by Pallav Shyam

6 Apr 11, 2012
Reply by happy goofy

Where can I download the source code, esp for Blocking Queue Thread example

keep up the good work. I am planning to understand Blocking queue example. I would appreaciate where I can down load the LoggerThread class…

Started by Ram

1 Jan 11, 2012
Reply by Neil Coffey

Java critical sections

I'm working on a big codebase, and am currently implementing an autosave function. We have a root object which I can easily synchronize acc…

Started by Julian Gold

0 May 18, 2010

Java thread synchronization question

Does anybody know why in the following program:- T1 started first but goes into a sleep which allows T2 to run.- T2 synchronizes on T1 but…

Started by javaone2010

0 May 10, 2010


Hi,   I am new to Multithreading but I surely can tell the creators of this site that the information present here is so comprehensive that…

Started by Gagan Sabharwal

0 Mar 22, 2010

The volatile keyword in Java 5

I have read the stuff about this question in this website. But I'm still confused about the DCL(Double-Checked locked). I don't know how it…

Started by BianBian

0 Nov 26, 2009

Producer-Consumer Question

Hi All, I am new at implementing Producer Consumer problem, although the program runs good. I had a question on results of (Bold print sta…

Started by anjana

0 Jun 24, 2009

Avoiding Context Switch

Hi Neil First of all Neil, bravo for the site, its just amazing, i keep track of it from its early beginning , and it just gets better wit…

Started by Roman Romm

1 Jun 11, 2009
Reply by Neil Coffey

waiting for several threads to complete

Hi, Found the article on, very explanatory.... That way multiple threads ca…

Started by Jeevan Sunkersett

3 Jun 11, 2009
Reply by Neil Coffey


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